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The new home for Mad Cow Theatre is the largest venture in Mad Cow's 17-year history. Mad Cow Theatre has continually expanded at a pace that reflects the needs of the city around it, and today is no exception.
Mad Cow Theatre is making progress everyday thanks to the visionary and generous support of the citizens of Central Florida and individual philanthropists, foundations and corporations who believe that Orlando's success is tied directly to the nurturing and funding of the regional cultural scene.
The following list reflects pledges made to the Mad Cow Theatre Capital Fund as of 10/07/2013. Please contact Ashley Hickman at 407.297.8788 ext. 1004 or by email at for updates and more information.

Thank you for your generosity!

Capital Campaign Angels
Bill & Jane Oatway
Bob and Marty Stonerock
City of Orlando
Downtown Development Board
Frank Santos & Dan Dantin
Harriett Lake
Mara & Harvey Levitt
Rosemary Maher & Mendel Melzer
Capital Campaign Donors
55 West
Alan & Barbara Greber
Anonymous (2)
Brigid Noonan-Klima
Bruce & Paula Collins
Carol Foglesong
Carolyn & Martin Goldman
Chere Force & Rory Trumbore
Cherie Rivett
Christine Kroetsch & Jeremiah Hayes
Cindy & Frank Murray
Dan & Marie Hitt
Dana & Diana Eagles
David Horgan
Dean Johnson
Debbie & Ken Carpenter
Dennis Sobeck
Doug & Brenda Walker
Dr. & Mrs. Austin Zakari
Ed & Maria Leerdam
Edward & Phyllis Zissman
 Eric Gershman
Erica Johnson
Gayle Wirtz
George & Carol McKnight
Gloria Richards
Harriet Coleman
Hillary & Jay Cohen
Holland & Knight
Jefferson & June Flowers
Capital Campaign Donors, cont.
Jim & Liz Kitchens
Jim Lussier & Nancy Jacobson
Joann & Doug Marks
Joe & Nancy Adams
Joel Strickland
John & Virginia Rigsby
Joseph & Susan Warren
Judith Thompson
Kay Wolf & Harry Straight
Ken & Trisha Margeson
L2 Studios
Lenore S. & Howard Roland
Marc & Lynda Walker Allaire
Maria Rubin
Marianne & Anthony Bassile
Mary Kelsh
Maryam Aminzadeh & Arthur Parker
Maureen & Gary Fries
Michael & Margaret Haddad
Mike & Nancy Houston
Molly Rose & Bob Fleming
Pamela Gillet
Peter Giacalone
Richard & Annette Manganel
Richard & Elizabeth Bog
Ron & Carrie Patterson
Rosemary Gates
Sharon Siskie
Sig & Marilyn Goldman
Sigrid & Philip Tiedtke
Steven Clawson
Stuart M. Fullerton
Susan Mair
Susan McKenna & Suzan Abramson
Terry & Robin Olson
Thomas & Christine Reddaway
Thomas & Kathy Gillman
Thomas Ouellette & Richard Russell
Traies Roe
William Newkirk
Zena & Dan Freeman