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Private Donations

Individual Donations

As a member of our audience, you have firsthand experience of the kind of quality we strive to bring to everything we do. We ask your support so that we can continue our audiences with the best that theatre has to offer.

Our programs reach adult, family and student communities throughout the area. Our status as a not-for-profit arts organization means that your cash contribution is fully tax deductible. Although tickets sales play an important role in meeting our operating expenses, it is the donations of individuals that are the cornerstone and foundation of our support. All donations, regardless of size, are invaluable to continuing Mad Cow's quality work.  To make an online donation click here.

TAX ADVANTAGE - Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Corporate matching gift forms may be mailed directly to the theatre: 
Mad Cow Theater, P.O. Box 3109, Orlando, FL 32802-3109