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In-Kind Donations

MAKE AN IN-KIND DONATION There are a lot of items that would make life easier at Mad Cow Theatre. Unfortunately, many of them are beyond the scope of our budget. Have a look at our wish list below and see if there's anything you might be able to help us acquire. 

If so, please contact us.

STUFF we need...
• Rehearsal Space
• Storage Space
• Truck
• Trailer
• Computers (P4 )
• Laptops (P3 )
• Speakers
• Flat-panel monitor (any size)
• Video Projector (DVD Compatible)
• Frequent Flyer Miles
• Host a "Meet and Greet" for artists 
• Catering
• Wine for Events
• Champagne for Opening Nights
• Projection Screen
• Industrial Grade Rolling Clothes Rack
• Silent and Live Auction Items
• Copy Paper
• Banker's Boxes 
• CAD Software

SERVICES we need...
• Printing
• Fundraising
• Catering
• Plumbing
• Electrician