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Feb. 17 - Mar. 19, 2017

A love story with infinite possibilities. Marriane is a physicist. Roland keeps bees. Sparks ignite and they light out on the journey of relationship. Unless they don’t. Or do…but differently. Love has many shades and manifestations…as does this play and the quantum multiverse that lies at its heart.

It is a myth that parking in Downtown Orlando is bad. There is, in fact, an abundance. Check out this map for proof, and take comfort in the fact that the farthest spot on the map is only a quarter mile away from Mad Cow Theatre. We offer discounted parking at the Central Garage located at 53 West Central Blvd. Just notify the attendant you are seeing a Mad Cow Theatre show and bring your ticket to the Box Office for validation and you'll save some money with each visit! Go to our Plan Your Visit page to learn more about this and other parking options available to you.
Downtown Orlando is filled with dining options - from New York Style pizza to fine cuisine and everything in between! With over two dozen restaurants just steps from the theatre, and along the historic Church Street Corridor, we encourage you to find your favorite!  Take a look at our dining page for some suggestions.
photo of the Downtown Orlando Skyline