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2018 Cattle Drive

June - October, 2018

Join our 2018 Cattle Drive! Help us kick Season 22 off right, but donating to your favorite artistic team! Team Artists, Team Set & Props, Team Costumes, Team Light & Sound, or Team Nuts & Bolts (which covers everything else). Each team needs $12,000 for Season 22 – help us make the goal. If you are an amazon shopper, check out our 2018 Cattle Drive Wish List on & purchase team items right from the list & see your dollars at work! Go the extra mile and shop and shop on behalf of Mad Cow Theatre, eligible purchases give Mad Cow a ‘kick-back’ right from amazon! (another cool way to support us, while you are shopping!)

Mad Cow Theatre invites you to Take your Seat! 

By naming a seat in the Harriett Theatre of Mad Cow’s new facility at 54 West Church St., you can honor your family, celebrate your business or memorialize a loved one. Taking part in our Seat Naming Campaign is an exciting way to demonstrate your dedication and support of the only professional theatre in Downtown Orlando.

For a contribution of $1,000, an engraved plaque will be affixed to a seat in 
the Harriett. Simply complete the pledge form along with your chosen inscription.

 Take your Seat
 If you have questions or would like more information, please contact David Mink at or 407.297.8788 x1003.